Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Nephew, Valentine's, and Ruby Valley

 We know that we are very over due posting here on the blog. I believe this stems from the idea, "what is a blog post without pictures?"  We have been sans camera for quite awhile thanks to Robert's desire to see if cameras bounce off tile. 

They don't.

Anyway . . . we did eventually get a new camera. So here we are, finally doing a post.

We had Mary's family, along with Lela and Papa, for two weeks while we waited for Mary's new baby to arrive. Below is a picture of what happens when you have to invent ways to entertain yourselves. 

This is a rocking horse that Papa made for Maggie. (And Sam, too, I guess.)


Robert and Maggie got along really well, once they found a way to share the baby stroller.

They also enjoyed eating together, even though their eating styles are very different. Maggie is dainty and clean. Robert prefers the two-fisted approach. It gave me a little perspective into what it would be like to have twins. 

Yeah, no. 

After lots of waiting, Anson arrived. At a dainty nine-and-a-half pounds, it was a dramatic entrance into this life. He is beautiful and healthy and I am a very proud aunt.

Beth was glued to him whenever we would let her. All the kids were super sweet with him and both Eric and Beth have asked me if WE could have a new baby now. I told them to go pound sand.

Due to four kids running around, the only safe place to put Anson down wasn't really down at all.

Right after Sam and Mary left for home, we celebrated Valentine's Day. Beth received her first dozen roses. She really does have an amazing dad! She was thrilled beyond words. 

We then had the chance to go out to Ruby Valley for Anson's blessing. Both the drive out and back went really well. (Except for an hour or so of fog that made it feel like we were driving under water.)

Once we got there, we went all over the Ranch and had a great time. The kids loved the new baby cows, and it only took awhile to convince Robert that they don't growl. Eric loved the hay loft in the barn and all the kids loved the swing that was there, too.

But I believe that the kids favorite part was visiting the mill. Uncle Sam turned on the conveyer belt and let the kids play on it. Behold, the Ruby Valley treadmill!

  "This is AWESOME!"

Beth was a little more trepidatious.

Robert was just thrilled with everything and everyone.

It was a great trip. We always enjoy visiting the Valley and spending time with Mary and Sam and their kids in their beautiful home.

We never make it out there as often as we'd like to, but when we do, it's always a special experience. Eric summed it up best as we were driving back:

"Ruby Valley's the BEST! They have dirt and dogs!"

P.S. We know we haven't posted anything from Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas and all the fun we had, but we'll get to that. (Once Robert learns that the higher he climbs, the bigger the boo-boo.)


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

looks like a lot of fun! hope you got a dozen roses too! :) can't believe how big everyone is getting. Congrats on being an aunty!

Margie B said...

Yay a post!!! You made my day! :-) Everyone looks so great. What a fun trip to Ruby Valley and little Anson is so cute. I love it that you told the kids to pound sand!!!! Tee hee! Good answer. Sure miss you.