Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bear Lake Trip 2013

In September we went to Bear Lake with Mary, Sam and family. We are so thankful that they shared their vacation with us. We had a blast and here are some pictures to prove it.

Robert makes this face anytime he sees a camera.

Poor Maggie! Play hard, and you have no choice but to sleep hard.

Amazing pool! Here was Eric's favorite part about swimming.

When we went down to the marina to feed the fish, I was expecting something a little smaller. These whoppers averaged about 2 feet long, and they were HUNGRY!

 They also had the greatest expressions.

Here's a picture with Robert and Mommy. We had to hang on to the little guy because he had no fear or respect for the water.

 Mary, Sam, Robert and Ryan. 

The fam.

Anson catching some sleep whenever he could.  

Like father, like son.

Our little fairy princess building her fairy dream house.

Eric LOVES all the dirt and air and rocks!

Yeah, he is this happy most of the time.  

"Why do you ask if I'm up to something? Can't a guy play in dirt without being up to something?" 

Maggie is a little fish and did great in the pool.