Friday, January 29, 2010

Impossible Feat Conquered!

I believed this to be impossible. I didn’t think it would ever be achievable. But it has happened and I have done it! (Before you think I’m getting conceited, I am being just a little melodramatic.)

BEHOLD THE BRAID!!!! (and the cuteness that is Beth).
View from the back.
Video clip of said braid.

Having a girl is very satisfying on many levels.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Small Update: Crowns, Ice Cream, and Puppets

Eric and Beth have a friend that introduced the movie Snow White to them for the first time. We had a girl in the house that truly "gets" the princess thing. So of course we made crowns and capes for everyone.
Beth really got into it.
We realized something the other day. Eric has never had an ice cream cone! So we took the only logical action. He was thrilled with his first taste but didn't get very far. You see, Eric has never been one to eat lots of sweets. He ate most of the top part and that was enough for him.
Beth on the other had suffers from no such inhibitions. She eats every bit of ice cream within reach.
For Christmas this year one of the best things the kids got was a bunch of puppets. We have been doing puppet shows from behind the couch almost daily. Here is a little clip from Eric's first show.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Long Overdue Christmas Post...

... That is way too long! But really, how am I supposed to cut it down anymore? I only choose a few out of the almost 300 pictures I took while we were in Texas. Considering that we were there for two and a half weeks and saw Kacey's wedding, Christmas with both sides of the family, and numerous extended family, I think I did pretty good.

Our time in Texas started with both the kids being sick and rather shy. This is Beth playing hard to get with Papa.
Only a few days into the visit we had Kacey and Tyler's wedding. It was really beautiful. The time at the temple went great but at the reception Eric fell and skidded his face across the carpet for a "half time show." He was okay but got a fat lip and some rug burn. I got sick just before the reception so I don't have many pictures, but here are a few I have.

The boys "jumping for joy."Kacey, the beautiful bride, with all the sisters and sisters-in-law.
Eric always takes time to smell the roses, or flowers in this case.
Eric and Beth.
Because Eric was not feeling well, he fell asleep all over the place. Poor little guy.
On Christmas Eve we met up with the Jones' (My dad's little sister and her family) and with Gordon's family for a fun dinner. Here is Leslie, Aunt Carol, Mary, and Sam.
I was trying to get a picture with my Grandma Clines, but Ryan wanted to put in his two cents. Grandma came all the way from Wyoming and it was great to see her.
Here are the oldest Jones girls. (Miss you Natalie!)
Here are two of the cutest kids I have ever seen. Beth and Oscar really liked each other. I wonder if I should get into the kissing cousins story? No? Okay.
We spent Christmas morning and most of the day with the Alleman side of the family.
Beth and Grandma.
Beth really got into opening her presents.
"Thank you Grandpa!"
I loved that prior to opening the Wii, the family broke into the "Wee-wee" song.

It was also hilarious while opening gifts Eric got bored, stood in the middle of the room, ripped his PJ's off, swung them around a few times and took off running in his Thomas The Tank underwear. I promise, this behavior was nothing he learned at home!
Here is Eric as "Joseph" and Ryan as one of the Shepherd's for the Alleman family Christmas pageant.
Here is a little clip of the show.
That night we exchanged gifts with the some of the Clines side. I think this picture of Sam and Mary is just great! We gave Mary a fun chick-flick and I LOVE their reactions!
During the Clines gift exchange all the nephews decided to attack Uncle Sam. A real "you're part of the family" gesture.
Eric got a pack of "just-for-kid" tools from Papa but started to hammer and sawing everything in the house. So Dad took him out to the garage for some bonding time and to make him some stuff he could use his new tools on.
We also spent time at the park near my parents house while Mary and I were running our first 8K race. Both of us broke our personal records, thanks to our incredible trainer! You're the best Mom!
A few days later we went to Uncle Gordon and Aunt Coren's house to have a outdoor "heated" pool party for Josh's birthday. I wish I had more pictures but this is the only one.
The rest of our time was spent with one family member or another.
Beth loved playing with Lela's glasses. No wonder they were always smudged.
We had a great time eating lunch with Chris and Darlene and then dinner with Jeremy and Laura. (I will say nothing about dual dictatorships.) It was fun to see the kids playing together and having fun.
My dad also scored some tickets to the Cotton Bowl for Ryan and his brothers. Uncle KC also went with them, but I don't have him on film. They went to the new Cowboys stadium. The screen you see at the top is 70 yards (210 feet) long! (It would be a really bad day if that fell while you were underneath.) - I know, random observation.
Now I know where I get my portion control from. Thanks Dad!
At least as grandparents and parents we always have help to eat our food. Just look at our cute little vulture.

It was a wonderful, busy, crazy, sick, fun, vacation. Thank you to our families for opening up your homes and lives to us. We miss you all!