Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beth's Birthday and a Picture Dump

We have now celebrated the fifth year in the reign of Beth over the household of Alleman. She has been a kind and gracious ruler, full of friendly sass and spunk. A true joy to all who know her. She is quick to ask questions about absolutely everything. Even faster to give hugs when needed or wanted.  She loves to learn and loves to understand all she can (even if it has nothing to do with her). 

We are also sorry to announce that she has been dethroned by the terrorist organization known as Robert. 

For her birthday she wanted curls in her hair so this is the rag curlers the night before. 

All smiles for her special day.

She was showered with gifts that ranged from My Little Ponies to this antique baby carriage from a dear family friend. (Thank you so much Brenda!)

 For her special birthday dinner she wanted scrambled eggs (sorry Ryan), fresh strawberries and grapefruit.

For her cake she couldn't decide between cupcakes and an ice cream cake, so we did both. Chocolate and strawberry cupcakes and chocolate fudge brownie ice cream cake.
 There were very few survivors. 

This is her birthday/Easter dress. She wore it for the first time to the Utah Ballet to see Peter Pan with me. We loved the mommy-daughter date. It was a wonderful birthday and we are so beyond grateful to have her in our lives.

On to the picture dump. 

We will start with Robert. When I baked back when Eric and Beth were small, they would just look through the window and get excited. But Robert just can't leave things alone. He opens the oven - or pounds on it -  until the food comes out. He has even somehow managed to drag the oven away from the wall a good three inches.

Robert wants to start everyday with a banana. Heaven help you if you try to take it away from him. He looks like a grumpy gorilla. 
"You want this banana? You'll have to pry it from my cute, chubby fingers."

Here is the best of the Easter pictures. Eric has been reading "Calvin and Hobbes" and has picked up on some bad habits where pictures are concerned. 

Remember this?

Yeah, this is what it's like taking pictures of Eric. Bill Watterson, wherever you are, I spit on your shoes. 

I didn't get a single picture without one of the kids making a face. Now I remember why I keep "losing" those Calvin and Hobbes books.

So, without further ado, here are the kids' "silly" faces.

"Beth the Breathtaking."

"Eric the Deranged"

"Robert the... " I better keep my mouth shut on this one.

As many of you heard, we passed a stomach bug around the family for a few weeks. For most of us, it was no big deal. Two days of nausea and not feeling right and then we were done. But Beth, after losing eight pounds in two days, wound up in the hospital with mega dehydration.

After pumping her full of fluids and downing a disgusting amount of popsicles, we were able to come home and finish riding out the sickness. We have also decided that red Crystal Light will NEVER again be allowed in the house if there is even the SLIGHTEST chance of anyone throwing up. Never, ever again! 

To wrap up the post, here is a video from Beth.

Beth: "Want to know how boys play with girls' toys?"

Much love to you all! -Cassie and Crew