Sunday, January 29, 2012

January So Far

We kinda skipped Christmas on the blog. We'll see if we can do a retro-post later, once we retrieve the photos from the portable hard drive. So, moving on to January, here is a recap of the first few weeks of 2012.

We spent New Year's with Tyler and Kacey and their beautiful little Leah. It was loads of fun, and I think Leah got a taste of having a big sister who can't keep her hands off her (Beth). She handled the attention like a pro, though, as did Kacey and Tyler.

Here are the cousins, Leah and Robert. All together now, everybody say, Awwww!
Eric's front teeth have been loose for two weeks. One was dangling by a thread, but a strong thread. It got very crooked and skewed. Take a gander:

Yay! It finally popped out.
Naturally Eric placed the tooth under his pillow . . . and that darned tooth fairy didn't show! For school the next day, Eric wrote her a stern reprimand and placed it under his pillow. The next morning, he woke to a dollar and a sucker and a heartfelt note from the tooth fairy apologizing for the delay.

Sam, Mary, and Maggie visited as well. Robert loved talking to Uncle Sam. I had some cute pics of Maggie and Robert together, but they were only in their diapers, so we thought the Internet might not be the best place to post them.

White Christmas, bah! This winter's been dry as a bone until recently. We got our first snowfall a few weeks back. Ryan took the kids out and they pirated most of the snow in the front yard (and the surrounding yards) to build a snowman.

Here is Beth enjoying Papa's chair and reading to herself.
On some of the nicer days we were able to go to the park. Robert is a great sport about being all strapped in.

"Help me! Help meeee!"
Beth is also developing her own fashion sense. She never wears pants when a dress is available. And the more colors, the better. Outfits like these are the norm. I think it was Coren who said she wished kids could wear a sign with this disclaimer:

"I dressed myself. Mom had nothing to do with it."
It's been a crazy, busy few weeks. But rest assured, we're handling it with quiet dignity.
Ever wonder how you keep Eric busy for an hour? Here's what you do . . .