Sunday, September 23, 2018

2017 Recap (Jan - Apr): Nick Update, Science Projects, Death by Chocolate Cake, Easter Madness, and More

So, we ran into a funny problem while recapping last year: we let a whole other year pass by without writing about it! Is it just me or do the years seem to fly right by now? So now we get to recap 2017. And let me tell you, a lot happened just during the first few months. Here are some highlights.

The Nick Update

Our resident cutie-pie has made some serious strides in his ascent from baby-hood. Some of our favorite developments included:

#1. Becoming a mess-maker extraordinaire. Nick loves unpacking the DVD shelf, which is why we had to move our collection into the guest room. In the video, Robbie's trying to clean up the mess, but Nick wasn't quite done making it.

#2. Mastering rolling across the floor. Nick picked up rolling and used that to get around for a while. It was really cute! Take a peek.

By Easter time, he had crawling down pat.

#3. Becoming a chatterbox. Nick started doing the baby babble and we couldn't get enough. (But the high-pitched screaming we could do without.)

#4. Perfecting a giggle that's so cute, we just can't even! Nick also started laughing, and it's positively infectious.

#5. Exploring his boundaries. With his advances in locomotion, Nick began discovering the limits of his world. His arch-nemesis was the cool custom baby gate Cassie's dad built for the stairs. But even that turned into another outlet for Nick's cuteness.

So let's hear it for our wonderful Nick!

Science Projects

Eric and Beth started at a new school in February. Here they are on the first day of school.

In their school uniforms, we discovered that very often, Eric and Beth matched dear old Dad's work outfit. Matchies!

Part of the fun of going to a school was doing science fair projects. Beth did hers on electro-clay, and Eric did his on using Mentos to make Coke overflow. Here are their exhibits.

Grammy came with us to see the exhibits. Here we are afterwards outside the school.

Death by Chocolate Cake

Beth had her b-day, and she requested a very special, very chocolatey cake. We call it the Death by Chocolate cake, and it is AMAZING. Check it out.

Easter Madness

Easter can get a little crazy around the Alleman house. I blame the Easter Bunny. He's always leaving notes where he boo-hoos about getting kidnapped by pirates and aliens and what not. He leaves clues that the kids have to find all throughout the house, which eventually leads to their Easter stash. Then Mom and Dad have to hide the eggs for the actual hunt. (Stupid Easter Bunny, making US do all the work.)

Here's a taste of what we went through this year.

Other Adventures

Of course that's not all we did during the first part of 2017. Here are a few other fun events.

We made time-lapse videos. Blink and you'll miss it!

We crafted miniature men made of snow.

We had a fun visit from Uncle Jeff.

It got a little hairy with the kids, but Jeff handled it like a champ.

We visited a petting zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Alleman.

We suffered through Dad jokes.

Eric went on his first Scout campout (and melted part of his coat) and received some awards.

Beth went and saw Alice in Wonderland (and got a photo with the Cheshire Cat).

Robert built with LEGOs.

Lots and LOTs of LEGOs.

We spent special time with Grammy.

And I received a very coveted prize: a Nintendo Classic Mini Console!

Stay tuned for more posts about another fun-filled year for the Allemans!