Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alleman Invasion

We had a wonderful Alleman invasion over the last few weeks. I posted just a few pictures of the visit that I thought you all might enjoy.

This is what the fridge looks like at the beginning of the visit. After they left we cleaned out the fridge and it was pitifully bare.
P.S. (Yes, we have 2 fridges right now.)
This was Megan taking a little nap on the first Sunday. We're glad she feels so relaxed and at home here.
Uncle Jason and Beth spending some time together. She really took to him.
Grandpa and Beth.
Grandma and Beth at the bowling alley where we had a lot of fun. Eric took second with a score of 102.
Kacey and Megan. We went wedding dress shopping and found a fantastic dress for Kacey. But because this is an open site and Tyler might wander on to it, I can't post any pictures. But Kacey you look amazing in that dress!
Beth in a box.
Eric showing me his "Junior Fire-Fighter" badge. We were over at the park one morning when we were joined by a HUGE fire truck, (the fireman driving the truck came over and gave stickers to all the kids watching), an ambulance, and no less then 6 police cars. It was the local Search and Rescue team trying out a new grappling gun. It is used to get a rope across a river that's too wide to throw across. They got it up to about 450 feet before we left for home. It was great fun for us to watch.
During the visit we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house. It was beautiful! The sun was full on us in this picture so we all had to squint.
Dad and Mom crashed out on Zach and Alison's couch. We kept so busy that whenever they sat still for more than 5 minutes they fell asleep.
It was a great 2 weeks!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Our Beth really will eat anything. On top of eating things like radishes and liking them, she started eating a raw onion today. The first bite was a little... shocking.
But that did not stop her from eating several more bites.
Here is a little clip of her chomping down.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A REALLY Long Post

I would say something like, "I'll try to keep this short," but I know that's impossible. This is going to be a really long post. We have had the majority of the Allemans here for Eric's birthday and Dan's wedding (Ryan's cousin). All the people and excitement have really turned things upside down for Beth.
Grandpa and Eric have been busy making marble towers, rising to new heights.
Eric loves the one-on-one time. Gee, do they look alike?
We had Jason, Ellen, and their baby Gavin here too. Eric and Beth were enthralled with him. They enjoyed playing with him.
Dan was married on the 11th at the Draper Temple and we got some great pictures. Eric still plays hard to get.
But Beth will pose for any picture at any time.
It was a VERY long afternoon for the kids and Eric succumbed to fatigue on the way home.
On the same day Grandma and Grandpa treated the whole group to McDonald's for an early birthday party for Eric. Beth was thrilled with the whole thing. Eric was so excited that he refused to stop playing long enough to eat anything.
But at one point, Eric pulled one of the baby chairs over, climbed in, and buckled himself. When he realized that he couldn't get out we had him. We were able to contain him long enough to get a few bites in.
We opened a few presents there and he was thrilled with a Handy Manny tool belt and a huge coloring book.
Then today we had a slightly smaller family party for Eric. This is the cake. It was a three layer ice cream cake that was really fun to make.
Eric loves to blow out the candles. (No, he's not picking his nose. This time.)
Beth was so exuberant about the presents. We hid all of them and Eric ran around the room pell-mell till he found them all. It was really hard to keep Beth from opening them.
Here is the birthday group, except for Beth and myself. (We were taking the picture.)
It's not a birthday unless you get your hands dirty, right?
Eric showing off his new Handy Manny tool belt. It'll go well with his Handy Manny bathtub pipe set from Grandma and Grandpa Clines.
Ryan helping Eric with his new Magic Tee-ball Machine.
Beth fetching the balls.Eric also got a mitt to catch the balls.
And he got a new bike. Right now he has no idea how to stop or turn. Fun for us.
This is the family sitting and watching him ride his bike for the first time.
A few birthday clips.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Behold My Chickens!

"Motherhood is like being pecked to death by chickens."
I don't know who first said that but they really had a way with words. So accurate. So true.
But what would I do without my chickens?
Why nap alone when you could be covered in this.
My Eric, who got in trouble for saying "no" to mommy, proceeded to say things like, "Yes, I don't want to".
My Beth, who right after we snapped this picture, filled her shoe with the cereal and ate it from there. She still thinks she can get anything with those eyes. Little does she know that it's really the shrillness of her voice that gets the job done.
My little man Eric. Who got himself ready to go "to work" in the morning so he could go with Daddy.
"The things that drive a young mother to exhaustion are the very same things that feed her soul."

The Fourth of July

We had a wonderful time this Fourth. Kacey and her boyfriend Tyler came down from Idaho to visit us. We spent some time over at the park on the third. Tyler played his bagpipes for us. I have never seen any up close before and it was cool to hear! It was really nice to have some time to talk and just relax. Beth and Eric followed Kacey around all weekend.
We did our family fireworks on the night of the 3rd so that we could have them with Zach, Alison, Kacey and Tyler (they were all taking off for the 4th). Eric clapped and cheered for each explosion while Beth struggled to get down and go touch them.
On the morning of the 4th we headed over to the Brewers for a huge breakfast. The food was good and the company better. We got to spend time with extended family we don't see very often. Here is Kacey, Tyler and Ryan.
Zach showing Beth some of the family pictures.
While all the adults were upstairs the kids retreated downstairs to play in the basement. Here is Eric with some of the cousins' kids.
Grammy and Beth playing together.
After going home and getting some things done, we went over to the Allemans for a big BBQ and games. Again it was great to see everyone and I was very sorry that I forgot my camera. It was a really fun day. Happy birthday to our wonderful nation. God bless you forever.