Friday, November 1, 2013

October Photo Overload

First things first: we had a birthday! 

Robert turned two and received his very own sustainable energy pack. By that, I mean I will never again rest as long as he is awake. He loves to jump on beds, climb the shelves in the pantry, and tip over dressers by pulling out all the drawers. I feel bad because I've started calling him my little "ping-pong ball from Hades," but it is not far from the truth.

He opened a small electric train right after breakfast on his birthday. It kept him busy all morning. 

He was thrilled with his cupcake tower...

... but confused and a bit miffed that I wouldn't let him eat any until after dinner. Sorry, Buddy!

But when the time came, he was thrilled! He was our first two-year-old who didn't need help blowing out the candles. 

****Now a bit of randomness****

Here is a marble tower that the kids set up on the stairs. Eric and Beth can work very well together, when they want to. And Robert only swallowed two marbles. (No worries--we have learned from experience that marbles pass through him without a problem.)

Eric received his first Cub Scout award. The Bobcat! This a picture of him doing one of those wacky Scout cheers. 

****Hunting Camp!!!!****

My dad came up and spent some time with us before going up to camp. Robert was very taken with Papa. It was great to have him here. 

I am quickly becoming a believer that every mommy needs some time with a qualified therapist. My therapist is called Dead Man Mountain. 

It was wonderful to be up on the mountain again. While I missed my family terribly, it was so cleansing to be far away from everything. 

It was a little cold. But well worth it. 

One of the best hunting companions, my cousin Ty.

The amazing view from Mac's tree.

Mac's tree.

Grandma's house has always been idyllic for me. I'm always happy to come and sad to leave.   

Even sadder because the way home was clogged by sheep. LOTS of sheep. On the road.  


This year was great. We carved pumpkins and finished making costumes before the big day. 

Here are the pumpkins. Luckily, Robert had turned into a pumpkin himself and had been transported to bed by the magical bedtime fairy, who then got to watch a show while Daddy helped the kids finish the carving. Good Daddy!

Eric and Beth were very proud of them. They called the one with three eyes "The Thomster." The spider was called "the Spider," and the last was called "the freaky faced Momster." Yes folks, that's MOMster. I don't know how to take that.

Ryan went as one of the Dalmatian thieves from 101 Dalmatians. That was the theme his team at work decided on. I love that he still gets as excited about Halloween as one of the kids. Here he is on Halloween morning on his way to work. 

Robert was a Dalmatian puppy. Dad had a great time chasing him around, threatening to skin him to make a coat. Robert was also thrilled to get so much candy. It lit him up like a fire started with Scout Juice. 

Eric and Beth went as Harry Potter and Hermonie Granger. We had fun making the Hogwarts uniforms out of old graduation robes and bed sheets. 

Eric with "the haul" after trick-or-treating.

Beth had a long discussion with Ryan about how there shouldn't be a "parent tax" on Halloween candy, but that she was starting a "child tax" on all treats we ate after she went to bed. 

Robert had another sucker. Boy does he love suckers.

So that was the month of October for the Alleman household. We hope you all had a fabulous month and an exciting Halloween. And now we have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to!