Monday, November 13, 2017

2016: December- CHRISTMAS!

Around this time of year, we all go a little crazy. Crazy with the Christmas spirit! At our house, we love the holiday season.

Here's our little elf getting his first Christmas present. A glo-worm for Christmas!

He also discovered the joys of playing in the baby jumper.

And took up tap dancing. Eat your heart out, Gene Kelly.

The kids had fun at the ward Christmas party. They gave Santa a run for his money.

We even got a decent family picture this year.

Here's a time-honored tradition in the Alleman house: sugar cookies! The kids always enjoy decorating their own.

Here's Eric's creation.

And Robert's.

And Beth.

We also made gingerbread (more like graham cracker) houses this year.

Here's the family gearing up for the big night.

The kids set out (and snitched from) Santa's cookies and milk.

Here's the lineup photo from Christmas morning. What a crew! 
(Notice how Beth had to pin Robert to keep him from charging up the stairs.They're both still smiling, though!)

This was our little St. Nick's first Christmas. He sure had fun!

Here's the crew coming upstairs to see the Christmas haul.

For Christmas, we received a game called Watch Ya Mouth. You stick this apparatus in your mouth and try to say this really tricky phrase, and everyone has to guess what you're saying. Here I am trying it out.

Here's the family posing with their Watch Ya Mouth pieces. 
(Notice Beth hiding hers.)

Merry Christmas to all!

2016: November - Cribs, Feasts, and Quilts

In November, Nick moved to his crib in the nursery. He's getting so big, he just didn't fit in the craddle any more. Moving him to the nursery was pretty traumatic for us, but he seemed excited to have all that extra room.

Here we are for the big Thanksgiving feast. Megan came down from BYU-I to enjoy the festivities with us.

Robert wanted to go bag a turkey of his own with a rifle he made from vacuum extensions. His expression says it all.

And what's Thanksgiving without a little Thankmas thrown in? We decorated the tree and got ready for the "most wonderful time of the year."

Grandma Alleman visited as well and dropped off a gorgeous quilt she'd made for Nick.

2016: October - Skeletons, Balloon Attacks, and Bear Lake

October is always eventful for us. Here are a few highlights from the month of spooks and goblins:

This cute little gremlin keeps getting bigger. We sure love him. He also started smiling and giggling.

Eric earned his Webelos rank and his Arrow of Light. Way to go, Eric!

We also added a ghoul to the family. Mom and Dad call him Skuduggery Bonaparte. The kids insist his name is "Skelly." He doesn't say much, either way.

Robert had a birthday as well. On that day, he was attacked by a band of marauding balloons. 
Oh, the humanity!

Grammy came to the birthday party. She and Beth sure had a special relationship. I think Grammy sensed how much Beth loved having another girl around the house. As for te photobombing foot, we're not sure whose that is.

For his birthday, Robert got a cool disguise. Hey, stranger, have you seen Robert?

Here's the birthday boy with his "cake." Robert actually isn't a big fan of traditional cake and ice cream. He prefers a doughnut cake. Hey, it's his day. He can have what he wants.

Our family made a trip to Bear Lake that month. And from there we visited Great-Grandma Clines.

We also visited the Star Valley Temple open house.

Here we are in Bear Lake. This bull statue is right next to the restaurant we always stop at to enjoy some delicious Bear Lake shakes. Yum!

Um . . . with some pictures, the less you know, the better. Let's just say we're very happy to still have Robert with us.

Here is our crew for Halloween.

Beth and Eri went all-out putting together our trunk or treat.

And Robert lost his first tooth that night!

Here the kids are on the big night. You can see Bonaparte wants to go with them. Maybe next year.

2016: September - Blessings, Cookies, Birthdays

In September, Cassie and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. We also had a lot of other events to keep us on our toes, such as . . .

This little guy just keeps getting bigger and cuter.

We also blessed him in September. Check out his dapper suit.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the big day!

A special thank-you to Mary who made Nick's blessing clothes.

And just because Halloween's a month doesn't mean we can't indulge in some frighteningly delicious Halloween sugar cookies. Having Grandma with us made the time even sweeter.

Here's Grandma and Nick hanging out.

And here's a birthday gift Beth made for Grandma. It's a pillow case (we left it unstuffed so it would travel easier when Grandma flew back home).

2016: August - Catapaults, Krispy Kremes, and Talking Babies

The kids made marshmallow catapualts. Hijinks ensued. Just watch.

Nick is a good little sleeper. He snoozes through just about anything the kids - and Daddy - can throw at him.

Beth performed in the ward talent show.

Robert and Eric presented their artwork at the talent show as well.

Maggie and her family came to visit.

The kids visited Krispy Kremes to see the doughnut-making machine.

Nick wasn't impressed.

But the other kids thought it was AWESOME!

And Nick learned to talk . . . sort of . . .

He's becoming quite the little performer . . . with some help from Daddy.

2016: July - Visitors, Fireworks, and Backyard Pics

In July, we kept real busy, as you can see below.

Our kids are so photogenic. It's impossible for them to take a bad picture.

Nick started really putting on weight and filling out. We were really happy about that.

Uncle Gordon, Aunt Coren, and their kids Josh, Ella, Ian, and Oscar came by.

Beth got industrious and made herself a sister out of vacuum cleaner and a broom.

We shot off some fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Eric had a birthday and got a LEGO prison set.

The kids made bread in a bag.

We thought this was a cute picture of Grammy and Nick. We were so thankful they got to know each other a little before Grammy passed away.

These are some pictures we took of the kids playing in the backyard. 

This is Robert not being dramatic at all.

Here's Eric, looking like he's up to something mischevious.

And Beth looking cute on a swing we hung from the tree out back.