Sunday, April 24, 2011

Welcome to the World, Maggie!

After a mad midnight dash from Nevada, Mary gave birth to an adorable baby girl. Maggie is here! Ta-da! She was very kind to her mother by having a small head.
Beth was overjoyed. She insisted she was a "big girl" and should get to hold the baby. I don't think she could smile any bigger.
Of course, Ryan's smile was pretty big too.
Eric was VERY careful.
"Mommy, can we keep her?" or "When is OUR baby coming out?" were common questions this week.
We loved having the new Mommy and Daddy and baby stay with us, along with my Mom and Dad. You guys are welcome anytime!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beth's B-Day

OK, so this is a smooooch late. But you know my motto: "Better late than never." (Either that or, "You gonna eat that?")

We have a little girl who is now three years old. (Actually, she acts like a turbulent teenager trapped in the body of a three-year-old. Honestly, her mood swings could give you whiplash!)

I was not really up to a party this year, so we invited some good friends over for a small get together. We had the long balloons you use to make balloon animals, but I only know how to make swords. So we gave every kid a weapon and let them go at it.

This is Eric, Rory, and Alex dueling it out. They loved it!

Here are the four Musketeers. What a dangerous bunch! Be on the lookout . . .

This next one is really fuzzy, but if you can make it out, Beth is waiting at the table for cake and ice cream. All we had to do was mention ice cream and she glued herself to the table. Notice she's wearing the much-coveted Birthday Hat.
Here is a better picture of Beth right after she blew out the candles. You may notice there are more than three candles on the cake. That's because we left the cake and extra candles alone in the kitchen with Eric. As he explained it to us, "More is always better!"
This is one of Beth's favorite gifts. Rory and Alex gave her a Play-Doh cupcake set. She adores it.
Later we had a little family party where she opened gifts from grandparents and such. We even had a visit from Great Grandpa and Grandma Alleman. They brought art baskets full of paper, colored pencils, crayons and all kinds of fun stuff for the kids. It was a really fun, busy day. Thank you to all who called or came by to help us celebrate our one-of-a-kind Beth.