Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010 National Champion!

Earlier this month my mom became the new national champion in her age group of 50 to 54! My mom is amazing and I look up to her so much. Thanks, Mom, for showing me what you can accomplish when you put your mind and heart in it.
Mom is in the middle. (Don't mess with me, my mom can bench press you!)

October Update

Things have been good around here this month. Eric and Beth love school and are keeping me really busy. We went to a production of "The Reluctant Dragon" for a field trip and both kids did great. Beth still insists that the dragon was a "bad guy" though.

The weather has turned a little colder and we got the kids some warm clothes. Here is a picture of the them before church.
Here they are wishing Alison a happy birthday.
Beth and I.
Our charming Ryan.
For those who remember a few posts ago: Eric seems to be allergic to mosquito bites. He got one on the ear and it quickly looked like this. It was standing out off his head at a weird angle. We took him to the doctor to see if this is something to be concerned about, but all the doctor said was that it looked like a staph infection and to put some cream on it.
I knew that if I posted all the pictures I wanted to, this would be an annoyingly long post. So here are a few collages of the kids. Ladies first, here is Beth. The one with the purple face was her version of finger-painting. I was at the kitchen sink helping Eric wash his hands and she pulled this.
We started taking pictures of Eric on Sunday and he pulled out the GQ poses.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Family Pictures

Here are a few family pictures we took when Zach and Alison were visiting a few weeks ago.