Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Visits from Texas

We had a great time this weekend with my brother Gordon and his family. I think my favorite part was that the kids were able to get to know each other. Eric loved having everyone here and even did very well sharing his toys. Gordon and Coren and Josh, Ella, Ian, and Oscar were considerate guests and the kids were very well behaved. They're welcome back any time.
This is Rocky (aka Oscar). He really knows how to smile for a picture.
He and Beth eating breakfast together and conversing in tongues. It was lots of fun to watch. Beth loved to flirt with Coren.
I had a great time with my niece and nephews. It was fun to talk to them and getting to know them one-on-one. They are bright and beautiful kids. This is Ella showing me her creation out of Lego's.
On the last morning we went to the Bean museum on campus. I think the kids got a kick out of all the stuffed animals. This is one of the only pictures where Eric was actually looking near the camera.
Ian was such a cutie all weekend. He showed me indepth how to play on a Nintendo DS (I think that's what it's called) and told me all about each of his games. He would climb into my lap and make himself at home, I loved it and can totally see why his mom calls him "Luvins".
I had to end the post with a great picture of Gordon.
Gordon and Coren, thanks so much for coming and taking the time to stop and see us, I hope you come again soon.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Father's Day Golf Tournament and Contemplation of Lunch

For Father's Day this year we got Daddy a toy golf set so that he could practice his swing. We had a wonderful family tournament in which Beth hit everywhere but where the ball was, Eric strategically placed his ball so he could hit it in, and Daddy won the game.
Getting ready for the perfect shot.
Ready to hit it out of the park, too bad the room’s not bigger.
Why play with her ball when Daddy’s is already in the hole?
After the game we had a light lunch where Eric took to deep contemplation of his PB&J.
And Beth took to even deeper contemplation of whatever was laying around.

Thank you Ryan for making every day a better day for me and working so hard to make my load lighter. I have been so blessed through you. You are a magnificent father for Eric and Beth and show your love to them in your willingness to play with and teach them everyday. I hope that you will be held accountable in heaven for your actions to us, because if you are you will be blessed beyond measure.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have wanted to paint for a long time, if nothing else just to repair the "wear and tear" damage on the walls. We finally did it! Here are some before and after pictures.
White walls.
Slightly tinted walls.
White wallsSlightly tinted walls and lighter curtains.
Eric helped. Of course, right after we took this picture he stood up, putting his hand on the wet wall, and when I yelled "Stop!" he quickly wiped his hand on his shirt and pants.
I have to put in a note that Ryan hates to paint. Despite this fact he did not complain once and worked without tiring. Thank you so much Ryan.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Level of Cuteness

I say "new level of cuteness" but it really goes both ways (as you will see in the video). I really am loving Beth's hair. Even more when she'll hold still and not pull out whatever I do. Today we tried pig-tails and I think I'm a fan. As time passes Beth is posing for the camera more and more and Eric less and less. As seen below.
To illustrate I give these two videos.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beth Is 15 Months!

Our Beth is now 15 months old and as loud as ever. We went to the doctor this past week for her check up. She has now made it up to the 13th percentile in her weight at a whopping 20.3 pounds and the 82nd percentile in her height at 31 1/2 inches tall. Her head is in the 25 percentile at 17.7 centimeters. She continues to be loud and sweet (most of the time). She also continues to eat everything she can lay her hands on. This is her and Eric waiting for the pizza to come out of the oven.
Once dinner did come out of the oven she climbed into her chair all by herself. She needs no motivation to come to the table.
When I pulled out the camera to take some pictures today, Beth was in just her diaper. Daddy grabbed Eric's clothes that were sitting on the couch, and behold, our little baby boy--er, I mean, girl.
This has been a long time in coming, so I have the right to brag. This is the back of Beth's head to show you the beautiful hair that has FINALLY starting to grow. If you tassel it when wet, it will stay kinda like in the picture, or, if you comb it straight, it will dry that way.
Now I know this looks like the picture just above the last one, but if you look closely you'll see that she is standing on the table. If I move the chairs away she just pushes them back. So while I discourage this, it does happen on a regular basis.
Here are just a few clips of Beth and some of the things she's up to.

Aunt Mary

My sister came into town for the week and we all loved having her here (although I think it was really, REALLY, hard for her to be away from Sam that long). Thanks Sam for letting her come and thanks Mary for coming. Eric loved having Mary here to snuggle and play with him.
My sister is quite the cook, here are some of "little" treats that she made: cherry turnovers. She also made us personal beef Wellingtons with mushrooms. Sorry I didn't get any pictures. Holy cow good!
Mary wondered if this was normal behavior for Eric. I'm sorry to say that yes it is. Behold, my motivation for keeping the bathrooms clean.
This is Eric making sure that his trains get some time looking out the window.
I forgot to warn Mary that we can't leave warm clean clothes where Eric can find them. He LOVES warm clean clothes.
Thanks Mary. You are welcome back anytime.

Friday, June 12, 2009

VikingMan and the Skandi Dag Festival

The four of us were able to spend this last weekend up in Idaho with my Dad, Mom, sister Mary and her husband Sam. And while Beth cut a tooth on the drive up (making it a very, VERY long drive), all in all it was a great trip.
This is a T-shirt quilt that Mary made for Mom out of some of her favorite race shirts. I know it looks cool but I wish I could show the quilting she did, it was amazing.
Mom was the race director for the VikingMan triathlon in Burley, ID. This is the trailer that they provided for her and my Dad on the race course. Eric loved it! This is him peeking out the door. I was very glad to see that even though the kids don't see their grandparents as much as we like, they still remembered them. Eric had a great time with Grandpa...
... and Grandma.
The one draw back to the trip was that the weather was rainy most of the time. Thank goodness for the huge stroller we have. Affectionately known as The Battle Wagon. We were able to cover it with a blanket and the kids stayed warm and dry while inside. These are some pictures of "the stroller". (Yes, that is a DVD player set up for Eric.)
Beth was not as happy as Eric to stay in the stroller, so while we were helping with the race, she was content to sit and smile and wave at anyone who would look at her.
During the race they had a Scandinavian Festival known as the Skandi Dag Festival. They had dancers, singers, trolls driving golf carts, train rides, bounce houses... you get the idea. Eric LOVED the train ride more than anything else and by the end of the day had ridden on it more then 7 times.
One of the only ways to get him out of the train was to put him into the bounce house.
Beth also loved the train. Thanks Grandma for the tickets!
We stayed at a hotel close to the race site and it was an adventure to have both kids in the same room. Eric did great but Beth had a hard time sleeping. But no complaints, we all made it through alive. This is Beth one morning right after waking up.
The hotel had a pool and Eric thought he was in heaven. He would live in the water if he could. Beth, on the other hand, was not impressed with a huge, cold, over-crowded, over-sized bathtub.
It was a great weekend and it passed too quickly. Thank you Dad and Mom, Mary and Sam for all your help with the kids and making it a wonderful time. We miss you.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Uno Attack and "Here You Go, Mom"

When Eric is playing and Beth wants to play with the same toys, he has taken to picking her up and bringing her to me and saying, "Here you go, Mom." I'm glad that Beth loves the attention and they both have fun with it.
The other night I was at my wits end about 15 minutes before the kid's bed time. Ryan, in a very sweet attempt to distract the kids got out Uno Attack and let them push the button over and over again. The kids just loved it and I had to get this video. Thank you Ryan for saving my sanity for another night.

This is Beth's face while playing the game.