Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So now we get around to Easter. Here are the kids after a frantic egg hunt on Sunday morning. (Because of Beth's frantic and competitive nature she did get more eggs than Eric.)

Here they are proudly showing what they found.
"Beth, would you like to share some eggs with me?" I think the look is all the answer I need. (Even if she did share later.)
Here she is ready for church in her new Easter dress, making kissy faces.
Eric and Beth ready for Church.
Later we were able to go to Great Grandpa and Grandma Alleman's for the annual egg hunt. They had hundreds of eggs and the kids loved it.
The eggs were a nice compliment to their beautiful yard.
If you can see her face, she was totally outraged that it was out of her reach. I mean, what were we thinking?!
We were also really grateful that my Dad could be with us. I'm thankful for a day to think about the Resurrection. It's a special opportunity to pass the wonder of that miraculous event on to our kids. It was a great day.