Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eric and the Dentist

We did it! Eric went to the dentist today and everything went great! I am so relieved. We went to a pediatric dentist here in the area that one of Mom’s triathlon friends recommended and he was wonderful. Eric had his x-rays and examination done and not a single cavity! Yeah! For those of you who have spent some time with Eric you know that he chews on his lower lip, the dentist said that this really needs to be corrected before he does damage to his developing mouth. (i.e. retract his jaw and give himself buck teeth.) He recommended using things like bad-tasting Chapstick to help deter him from the habit.

I just wish that my dentist visit this morning went as well. I have a back molar that is cracked in two places and I need a crown. Whimper whimper sob sob. I have never had one before and am not looking forward to it. However, on the brighter side, Ryan came out without a single cavity! Yeah for him and Eric! Can I just say that I am grateful for good dentists and insurance. What a blessing.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One More Week

It has been a great week, the kids are doing really well on the new schedule we have set up and Eric is.... totally potty trained! He just decided about 10 days ago that he didn't want to soil his diapers anymore. He tells us most of the time when he needs to go and when he doesn't his body language gives him away. I love only changing one kid's diapers. This is Eric playing under Beth's crib during story time. He reaches out and grabs her as she crawls by and they both laugh.
Beth loves anything fuzzy and soft, she also knows how to pose for the greatest "awwww" factor.
Eric, well, he's just cute.
If you leave anything lying around it's fair game. What a pretty hat!
Beth loves the swing when Eric is pushing, he pretends to eat her toes.
We have to use a gate at all times now at the top and bottom of the stairs. Beth loves to climb them and has made it to the top several times without Mom noticing. She calls out to us once she makes it to the top but if you find her in the middle she tries to hurry to get away from you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

This is Eric watching over and over the Valentine card from Grandma and Grandpa Clines.
Here is a picture of Beth opening her Valentine from Grandma and Grandpa Alleman.
I guess she doesn’t have much practice with suckers and what end goes in the mouth.
We went bowling as a family to celebrate Valentines Day and this was Eric’s first time letting the ball go.
Sorry this one is blurry but he was so excited that it was hard to get him to hold still.
This is Eric telling me about what he just did; I wish it was a video because it was so funny to hear him talk so animatedly.
Beth watched the whole thing from her stroller and cheered whenever anyone around her did. Needless to say she was very loud during the game.
We had Sam and Mary here over the weekend and this is Sam who graciously took credit when Mary and I played with Beth’s hair.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just In Case The Grandparents Weren't Missing the Kids Enough

I know I'm not supposed to get in here but they can't punish me... I'm too cute

Beth in the bucket.

I wonder how she would taste?

She has no idea what is about to happen! Yummy! Yummy! (Jaws music)

This is Eric showing you his Lego bird.

This is Beth after having her hair in a twist for church all day. (You can kinda see the twist in the bucket picture.)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Visit from Grandma and Kacey

Here are some of our favorite pictures from Grandma and Kacey's visit.

Beth loved playing with Kacey's cell phone. I thought it was brave of her to entrust it into the hands of a drooling, crazy baby who throws things.
Eric has already been asking where his Grandma and Kacey went. He wants to know when they are coming again.
We sure had a great time with you both here. Thanks for coming up and spending time with us.

Happy Kids

Everyday we enjoy the fact that Eric likes more and more the same things as Ryan. Here they are enjoying the Garfield holiday specials together.
Beth has been pulling herself up on the fridge in order to pull the magnets off. She looks like she's getting away with something.