Sunday, November 4, 2012

Robert's Birthday of HORROR, Favorite Animals, and a Hint of Halloween

We realize we've been remiss in our posting. Our humble apologies. Hopefully we'll make up for it here with a rather lengthy update.

First, Robert's Birthday.

What can we say about Robert? Well, Cassie put it this way: "He's a cross between the Energizer Bunny and a ping-pong ball. He just bounces back and forth between things he's not supposed to get into!"

 You'll soon notice that in most of Robert's pictures, his mouth is always wide open. This is because he is usually emitting some kind of brain-melting noise.

"Yo, yo! It's my birfday!"

Here's Robert waiting patiently for his cake. He doesn't know what he's in for. (Cue dramatic music.)
"You expect me to eat that whole thing?"

 At first all was well. He touched it lightly, testing the texture. 
(Music rises.)

Only then does the HORROR begin, as he realizes the frosting DOESN'T COME OFF! 
(Dramatic pause.)

 But it's too late! He's covered in the stuff! Trapped! The more he tries to wipe it off, the worse it gets! And Mom and Dad just sit there, laughing!
(Full Psycho crescendo!)

 To save himself, Robert mangles his cake into submission and then uses the plate to shield himself from another portion. (Notice the hand prints on his head.)
"If you give me ONE MORE PIECE . . ."

One bath and a few brightly-colored, noisy, flashing presents later and all is forgiven.
"Now this is more like it!"

We have a tradition that each of the kids have their own little puppy dogs. Jason and Ellen started this with Eric on his first birthday and we've continued it. Robert really loved his husky . . . and promptly tried to chew its nose off. Welcome to the family, pup.

Next, favorite animals: So at breakfast this morning, I asked each of the kids about their favorite animals. The conversation went kind of like this:

Me: Beth, what's your favorite animal?

Beth: A unicorn!

Me: What about you, Eric? If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Eric: A whale.

Me: Why a whale?

Eric: Because they're the biggest animal in the ocean.

Me: Cool, cool. And you, Beth? Why unicorns?

Beth: Because they're pretty and girly!

Me: They are at that. But what about boy unicorns?

(Beth sticks out her tongue in distaste. I guess boy unicorns are yucky.)

Since Robert couldn't really answer this question, Cassie and I came up with an animal for him. Maybe you'll recognize this little critter from The Dark Crystal.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: Fizzgig

 Lastly, a hint of Halloween.

We figured there's enough from Halloween for another post. But here is a taste of things to come:

Behold, Baby Vader!

 Tune in next time


Mary said...

That is SO funny! What is it that makes your kids so stinkin' expressive?! Love the pictures!

The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

love it! thanks for the laugh, after a long day like today, it helped me a lot. you guys are looking good, happy belated birthday to robert!

Becky R. said...

Unicorns, I love them, unicorns I love them...

Miss you guys so much! I really want to come out to Utah sometime. If I make it out there, I'm totally coming to see you and you can't stop me!

Ryan, Cassie and Crew said...

You are welcome anytime Becky! We would love to see you all.