Monday, February 13, 2012

A Couple Pics From Today

Robert is enjoying tummy time and is starting to smile for the camera.
This was Eric's way of telling me to please not take any more pictures. Subtle, isn't it?
Another view of Beth showcasing her amazing style. (Along with her pet Zebra named Sunshine.)
Did I mention that he is now smiling for the camera?


Mary said...

Those are some darn cute kids! It's fun to see how quickly Robert is changing. We love you and miss you tons!

Margie B said...

Yay for pictures! Your kids are getting so big. How are things with little Robert these days?

Becky R. said...

Oh, boy, your kids are so fun. I miss you guys.

Micah and Emily said...

Robert is such a cutie! Hope you and yours are doing well!


Shelly said...

Hey Cassie would you like to meet at Neilson's Grove park at around 3ish on Friday? Its behind Walmart in Orem on sandhill drive. I just checked the weather and its going to be nice and sunny and 60 degrees, perfect park weather(: It would be easier to meet at a park, let me know whatcha think. Sorry about last Friday):