Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day at the Park in Provo

We are trying to get caught up with our over-due blog posts. So here is one from early May. When my sister and her family come into town, they make ordinary days so much more fun. While she was here we went to the park and had a blast. Here are a few pictures of the day.

Beth, doing what Beth does, turning the world upside down.

How big is Robert? So much bigger than this!

Maggie, you can make me smile anytime, anywhere.

Are we saying anything particular with the bars in this picture? No, of course not.

It is very hard right now to get Eric to look at the camera and not make a face. I am just happy that we got a shot of him smiling.

We were trying to get all four kids to look at the camera and smile, it didn't work out that way, but if you can see Robert's face, (all the kids' faces, for that matter) it made the pictures perfect.

Thank you Sam and Mary for all the fun we have when you are here!


Mary said...

That was such a fun day! Thanks for the reminder of fun times!

katharine said...

so fun! we got back into town from melissa's wedding last week so we'd love to get together with you guys sometime too!

Stephanie Milberger said...

you Clines girls make the cutest kids! Great pictures! And congrats, Mary, on your new baby!