Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ryan's Birthday

I know this is so late. But as I seem to say all the time now, "better late than never." We had a great birthday with Ryan this year. It was made even better with Zach and Alison here. I'm so grateful to have this man as my eternal companion. He is my greatest blessing. Thank you, Ryan.

Here we are at breakfast.
Here is the birthday boy.
"We're smiling so you'll give us cake."
The kids were overjoyed to see Zach and Alison again.
Beth still calls Zach her missing brother.
This is a very short video just for Zach and Alison. I don't know if you guys remember this, but here is a small clip of the "accidents happen" dance Eric did just after you got here. Miss you.


homa said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan! It looks like it was a fun day. We love you!

Margie B said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! Great pics!

Mom Alleman said...

We also love the "Birthday Boy!!" It was so neat that Zach and Alison could be there to celebrate with you and to give Eric and Beth big hugs! Thank you for the great pictures! We love you guys!