Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ruby Valley

Back in May we were able to go see Sam, Mary and baby Maggie. It was a quick trip, but lots of fun. The kids' favorite spot was a big pile of dirt out back. Not a bad backyard if you ask me. (You can see Ryan enjoying the outdoors by reading.)
Beth liked Sam's roping practice thing. I know it has a name but it escapes me right now.
We also went out to visit the Hot Pots. They are sulfur springs that are a "topical manifestation of geothermal activity." In other words, this is where boiling water finds its way to the surface. Very cool--or hot, I guess.
Here is a video of the Hot Pots.

The real reason for the trip was Maggie's blessing. She looked amazing in a dress Mary made by hand. It was wonderful to be there. I'm grateful we are so close. Here is the star of the day.Family photo.


Stephanie said...

What beautiful pictures! Mary, you're amazing; the gown, but baby more so, is gorgeous. Cassie, you're glowing. Last, but not least, happy birthday, Ryan!

homa said...

We were so happy that you guys could come! It made all the difference to have you guys here. Thanks for sharing the special time with us. And thank you for holding Maggie in the car, far away from the hot pots.

Judy said...

Sulfur hot pots sounds stinky. What a fun play for the children to play, explore and make memories.

Margie B said...

What a great trip. Beautiful picture with Bob and Lisa!