Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Paleontology Museum

We went to the BYU paleontology museum a few weeks ago for a field trip. Eric loved every minute and would have stayed for hours. Beth, on the other hand, would not be in a single picture because: "Dinosaurs are yucky and mean and we need to cut their heads off." I'm not sure where she learned to "cut their heads off," but I'm relatively sure Eric had something to do with it.

Here is Eric with a small T-rex.
He thought the giant crocodile head was the coolest ever. They said that a head this size belonged to a beast up to 22 feet long. No thank you!
"Mom, if I waved my arms fast enough could I fly too?"
I had to get a picture of this rack for my dad. It came from an ancient Irish Elk with a spread of nearly 10 feet!
Eric was duly impressed.
It was a really fun day. I think we may have to do it again some time.
Because I had to post something about Beth, here is a new face she is trying out on us. Appropriately called her fierce face.


The Astounding Andersens said...

Eric looked like he was in little boy HEAVEN!!! WHat a super fun field trip!! You better lock Beth up and throw away the key! She is just too darn cute!! We are SOOOOO excited to see y'all in a couple of days!! Love you!!

Matt said...

I'm with Eric on this one—dinosaurs are the touchstone for awesomeness.

Mike and Judy said...

And Beth and I would totally agree that old bones are not what dreams are made of - more like nightmares!

Mary said...

Cute, as usual! Beth could put an eye out with those elbows of hers. I wonder where she gets the fierce face from....hmmm. :) We'll see you guys tomorrow! Love ya!

Shelly said...

Soo cute!! We need to get together sometime(: were usually free on Friday if you want to give us a call sometime (801)356-0356

Margie B said...

How can a fierce face be so adorable? Great pics! Looks like a fun time!

Ryan Alleman said...

Why is whenever you ask her to show her fierce face, she always comes after ME?