Thursday, September 30, 2010

Visits and Bear Lake

Mary and Sam have a time-share up at Bear Lake and generously offered to let us join them up there for the Labor Day weekend. My mom and dad joined us on their way to the Viking Man Triathlon in Idaho (Mom is the race director). We had a WONDERFUL time together playing games, going to the beach, swimming in the pool, and enjoying each others' company. A big THANK YOU to Sam and Mary for the invite.

Here's a mish-mash of pictures of our time at Bear Lake, and from Mom and Dad's visit the following week.

Here is Beth with Dad's hat. The kids loved reading stories with Papa and Lela before bedtime. Here's Dad reading scriptures with them.
Here's Lela's rendition of The Three Little Pigs.

Eric loved using Papa as a TV-watching perch. Dad was a good sport.
This was the deck of the condo up at Bear Lake. The kids loved eating out in the sun wearing their shades.
Puddle-jumping Beth. This is at the tennis courts at the resort, across from the restaurant that looked like a lighthouse. It was a really snazzy place.
Sleeping on Papa was a favorite pastime for the kids.
This is a beautiful pic of Ryan and me. And Bear Lake, of course.
Beth loved Papa's style of playing.

We had a fun time, and it was great to see everyone. Hey, Mary and Sam--how about next year? Same time, same place? Huh? Huh? Please? What do you say?


Spec said...

All the pictures are great! The one of you and Ryan is beautiful--you amazing couple, you. I also loved the one of Beth sleeping on her Papa. Glad you are all having so much fun. Miss you all!

Mike and Judy said...

I loved this blog. It makes me miss your parents. Your dad is one of my favorite men in the whole world! When he hugs you you feel well and truly hugged.

Margie B said...

Looks so fun! It was great to see your folks a couple of weeks ago.