Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eric Had a Brithday

Five? Who said he could turn five? We had a great birthday with Eric this year. Here he is showing where we live on the amazing blanket Grandma Alleman made for him.
I think his favorite toy from this year was his very own "Woody" doll. Oops! I mean, action figure. He takes him and Buzz Lightyear to bed with him, and hauled them everywhere for a week afterward. (Just don't ask him what he thought of Toy Story 3.)
He asked for the same cake that he had last year but with a different train on top. Even though he only took about two bites before he wanted to go play again. He is still not that big into cake and ice cream.
I don't believe Beth saw a problem with Eric leaving the table and was willing to eat all of her cake and Eric's too.
We were not able to have a party this year with kids Eric's age, but were very grateful for Zach and Alison. We miss you guys!!!
"Hey Dude"

We love our Eric and are daily grateful that he is in our family.


Marcy in TX said...

I hope you get to enjoy your birthday too! I know you had a rough week,last week. We saw your mom at Malachi's blessing yesterday. What a treat! Love to you all.

Mom Alleman said...

Thank you for posting pictures of Eric's Birthday so that we could feel apart of it! Happy Birthday to you Cassie and we can't wait to see you and your family in a few days! Love you guys so much!

Jackie Clines said...

Happy Birthday to Eric! Crazy how times flies. . . I remember when you were still expecting him and it doesn't seem that long ago!

Margie B said...

Happy Birthday Eric. Sorry for your cruddy drive. I hate those! Hope your feeling better!

Love you guys

homa said...

He is a funny kid. It's so hard to believe that he is 5! Looks like you had a fun day, and that's what counts.

Happy Birthday, Eric!

ellen said...

That is one cool dude! Happy Birthday Eric!! How fast time flies!