Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beth and the Big Girl Bed

So we made the big bed change. Not because we wanted too, but because the kids broke one of the legs of the crib. My Uncle Mike and Aunt Judy offered us a full size bed that they no longer needed. (Thanks so much you guys!) It has been fun (note sarcasm here) getting Beth to stay in her new bed, but things are going alright.

After Ryan and I put them down one night, we were sitting in our room talking. We heard some noise downstairs and found Beth reclined on the couch, with the TV on and her feet up. She had somehow slipped by us and was making herself comfortable.

"Good-bye crib."
The big girl in the big bed.
Here is what she says.


Stephanie said...

Well, it has been fun, just for Beth rather than you. She looks like such a happy big girl!

Lela Mom said...

Glad you are capturing the little moments...pretty soon the beds will all be empty and you'll be giving them away too.