Friday, June 4, 2010

Ryan Had a Birthday!

"You've had a birthday, shout hooray!" Oh boy, primary is starting to rub off.

We had a very busy, very fun birthday. It was kinda stressful with Ryan finishing up his thesis and turning it into his committee. We did find time to go see Iron Man 2 on his birthday, and then we came home and ate a special dinner along with cake and ice cream. During the dinner/cake prep we had the treat of helping my cousin get ready for Senior Ball.
Here is my wonderful birthday boy. What a great man he is. I am more thankful for him every year of our marriage.
I didn't have a clue what to do for his cake this year. I was able to get the sheet cake baked that morning and only had about 30 minutes to decorate it. This is what we ended up with. Fits Ryan, doesn't it?
We had fun opening presents too. I say "we" because Ryan did not get to open a single gift alone. I tried to tell him that he could, but the kids were so excited he let them help.
It was a great (busy) day. We are very thankful for our husband and daddy.


Spec said...

GREAT JOB ON THE CAKE! Yes, Ryan is SUPERMAN, no doubt! Congrats on turning in the thesis! That's a great feeling, huh?

Margie B said...

Happy Birthday to Ryan. I agree he is superman for being the great husband/dad/student/employee that he is. After reading your post, I realized you've got a big dose of "super" in you too! Let us know how the defense went! Thanks again for helping Betsy.