Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Am So Way Behind

I really need to do better putting stuff up here. (If I had a dollar for every time I said that about letters, email, journal... ) Anyway! Here are a few pics of the kids and some small updates.
Why chew one bite at a time when you can fit 4 on one fork? Such a lady.
For Memorial Day we hiked Battle Creek Canyon with Zach and Alison. It was a relatively short hike, good for the kids, and we learned Eric isn't too fond of snakes. We had the chance to see a little garter snake on the way down and he bolted down the trail, yelling: "Time to go! Time to go! This way!"
At the falls.
Eric and Beth have been working on earning some new toys with my mom and dad. They have to practice being reverent during the week, and then they have to get a special Sunday sticker from their primary teachers IF they're reverent at church.

Now for the mysteries. Beth does these things, and I have no idea where they come from. I promise, I didn't teach her to pray on the potty (although sometimes it couldn't hurt, right?). If you can't make it out, she's saying: "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for Mommy-Daddy, Lela-Papa, Grandpa-Grandma, Mommy-Daddies. Amen"

Mystery #2: Here she is "strutting her stuff." Really! I mean, where does she get this?


Mary said...

Wow, she struts like that and she hasn't even lived with a pregnant woman! Maybe, since you live in Provo around a lot of pregnant people, you should get a shirt that says, "I'm not mocking pregnant women or penguins, I'm just strutting my stuff!" Just an idea though. :) Thanks for the pics!

Mom Alleman said...

We love the pictures and we REALLY love Eric and Beth!! For some reason, the 2 videos aren't showing on our computer--we will keep trying. Thanks Cassie for making our day!

Micah and Emily said...

Love the potty supplication! Too funny! I should start doing that since I find myself on the loo way too often these days!

Cutie pie central around your place! Hope you are doing well.