Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little late for Christmas...

...but better late than never.

Ryan here.

I've been meaning to put together some Christmas videos since . . . well, Christmas. But I've been sprinting to the end of my thesis and didn't have time. Yesterday I finished my writing early and sat down and was in an odd mood.

The first video is a traditional Christmas montage. You might see some familiar faces.


This is what came out of my odd mood. Make sure you turn up the speakers for this one.


(Cassie here: I just love my husband's morbid genius!)


Mary said...

Ryan, you are hilarious! Once we finally got the video to load (only like 5 minutes) we laughed and laughed. It's a good thing you surfaced from your thesis long enough to get this out there! Thanks for sharing.

Mom Alleman said...

We are sure glad for Ryan's and Cassie's "creative genius." Dad said to "keep the filmstrips coming." They were a lot of fun--thanks so much! We love you guys!

Mike and Judy said...

Very creative. Loved how he put all those clips together. Great fun.

Margie B said...

Too fun! The first one made me say "Ahhhhhh" and get misty. . . the second one made me laugh out loud!

Spec said...

Ah, crack me up! Good job.