Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday Girl

Who told Beth she could turn two? I sure didn't! Although, it was a very fun day and she played the part of the birthday girl very well. This was her face when she came downstairs in the morning and saw the balloons and decorations. She is wearing the traditional birthday hat.
She loved talking on the phone with so many of you. Thank you to all those who called to wish her a happy birthday. She loves chatting on the phone anyway, and to get phone calls specifically for her really made her day.
This is the first birthday when Eric has felt some jealousy for his sister. It was a little hard on him that Beth got so much attention and gifts. When it came time to open presents we asked him to hand them to her. He enjoyed being the one to pick the next present, sort of like an unofficial MC. This is Beth "patiently" waiting for the next one.

One of her favorite gifts was a popper from Lela and Papa. (Note the video below to observe how possessive she is of it.) She was thrilled when she saw it.


Another favorite was a beautiful Easter dress from Grandma and Grandpa. (Grandma's got great taste!) Beth is getting to be quite the twirler.
And what would a two-year-old's party be without the obligatory baby doll? We were sitting in the family room just letting the kids enjoy the new toys and I offhandedly asked if anyone was ready for cake. Beth immediately dropped everything and ran. We found her waiting on us at the table. We did cup cakes this year instead of cake. When it came time to decorate them I wasn't sure what to do. Ryan suggested we write out "happy birthday" and this is what resulted.When Ryan pulled out the matches to light the candles Beth was speechless (for once in her life). Yes she held the opened-mouth pose the whole time he was lighting them. It was all Eric could do not to blow out the candles himself. Beth liked the cupcakes and was thrilled with the ice cream. She didn't get too messy but was proud of what she did spread on herself.It was a great day, and it made Ryan and me so much more aware of how thankful we are for Beth. She is tenacious and full of life and fun. She always has a smile for everyone. What a wonder she is.


Margie B said...

Beth is so cute and has such an expressive face. She reminds me of her mother! :-)

Mike and Judy said...

Great birthday - Love the dress. I think Lela has a little revenge going there to give that girl a noisemaker toy! Happy birthday Beth.

elise said...

i can't believe she's two already!!! wow, they grow up so fast :) cute cupcakes too, i love the idea, they're great! i may copy for rayna's b-day in a few months :) happy day!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Beth! These are the greatest pictures! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Mom Alleman said...

Thank you for helping us feel apart of Beth's Birthday party! Such cute pictures of her playing and modeling her new dress for us! We loved the pink feminine cupcakes--they just seemed perfect for our "sweet Beth". Love you guys!

Spec said...

Wow, they still make poppers? Cool! That's from our days, huh?

Spec said...

Oh, and happy birthday to Beth! She really is a delight.

Stephanie said...

Belated happy birthday, Beth! Wonderful pictures!

Lela Mom said...

Who's calling me the evil Grandmother? BETH picked that out! Ha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)
She's a girl after my own heart, if one must choose between food and everything else, food wins!