Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quick Update

We have found that the park is really fun all year round. We went on Monday (see pictures) and also last week when it was covered in snow. While the kids had fun on Monday they both asked if the snow could please come back. Lucky for them that's in the forecast.
We are so happy... our little couch has grown up! Here you can see the before and after.
We found a great sale where we got the new couches we have been saving for. (Thank goodness for big sales!)We have the love seat at home now and will get the full size couch in the next week or so.
Eric and I have also been having fun "playing" with letters and numbers. As long as you can get him in the mood, he is really good at it.


Mom Alleman said...

We enjoyed the "park pictures" of the kids! It's nice for you to have a park close by. We love your new couches--they will be so comfortable!! We're sure proud of Eric for his reading skills--I'm thankful for grand children who love books!! We love you!

Mary said...

What a reader! That's so awesome that you found couches that you like. Now, no throwing up on them, k?!
Love the pics!

The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

love the park pictures and the new couches! I'm glad that it was able to grow up!:) Eric is becoming a great reader, too grown up! Hope everything is going well for you guys!