Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Christmas-ness

This is just a post of lots of pictures and a few movie clips.

I came home from shopping a while ago and Beth quickly grabbed my purse, gloves and hat. Ta-da!

Do ya like? Eric was very concerned that because we didn't have a fire place, Santa would not be able to get in the house. This was our solution.
At our ward Christmas party we had Santa come to visit. This is Eric waiting in line. No, I don't think he can get any closer to the kid in front of him.
When he met Santa, Eric was totally: overcome...
... and over-joyed...
... and speechless!
It was fun.
Of course, he cried for almost an hour that night. He insisted that he was on the "naughty list." You see, Santa had come to town and not stopped at our house. He was completely distraught! I think we were able to convince him, at last, that this was just a quick visit for Santa and not the actual Christmas visit.

This is a little clip of the kids and Ryan playing with their favorite Christmas ornament.

This clip is Eric showing what he has learned from our nightly stories. This is one of his favorite.


Stephanie said...

Beth looks adorable! And those pics of Eric are priceless. Your kids are too stinkin' cute!

Alison Alleman said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures of Eric on Santa's lap are PRICELESS!!! I don't know how you caught all those awesome expressions :)

Mary said...

Very, very cute! I can't wait to see you guys in just a few days! Dad and I are SO going to enjoy what we got you for Christmas!

Nikki said...

Oh these are such great pictures! From Eric standing so close to that kid, from his many wonderful face expressions while sitting on Santa's lap... and that cute "let me in" game. So cute! I hope we get to get together soon :)

Mom Alleman said...

We love Eric and Beth so much!! Thank you for sharing such great pictures of them with us!