Thursday, October 8, 2009


Conversation between Eric and Mommy waiting at a red light while driving to BYU:

Eric: Excuse me, Mommy. Can we please hit that car?

Mommy: What? You want to hit the car?

Eric: Yes please, that one. (Points to the car in front of us.)

Mommy: No we can’t hit that car! That would cause lots of problems.

Eric: I like problems.

Mommy: No, we can’t hit that car.

(Eric lapses into sullen silence. We proceed through the now green light and brake for another red one).

Eric: Excuse me, Mommy. Can we hit that car? (Indicates the car now in front of us)

Thank the heavens for little boys who fill our lives with laughter and love. Keep 'em coming Eric.


elise said...

hehehe... love it!

Nikki said...

I know just how he feels ;) That was a great laugh. He's awesome.

Micah and Emily said...

So hilarious! Every boy's dream for sure! Hope you're well!


Mike and Judy said...

I am sure glad he can't get his license until he's older! I might be the car in front of you!! Love ya, Cassie. - Judy

Mary said...

Wow. That pretty much sums it up. I can't wait to tell Sam when he comes home.

Margie B said...

Too cute!

Mom Alleman said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! What a great adventure you had, Cassie, with your family! And a special thank you to Ryan for being such a good Daddy! We love you guys!