Sunday, June 28, 2009

Father's Day Golf Tournament and Contemplation of Lunch

For Father's Day this year we got Daddy a toy golf set so that he could practice his swing. We had a wonderful family tournament in which Beth hit everywhere but where the ball was, Eric strategically placed his ball so he could hit it in, and Daddy won the game.
Getting ready for the perfect shot.
Ready to hit it out of the park, too bad the room’s not bigger.
Why play with her ball when Daddy’s is already in the hole?
After the game we had a light lunch where Eric took to deep contemplation of his PB&J.
And Beth took to even deeper contemplation of whatever was laying around.

Thank you Ryan for making every day a better day for me and working so hard to make my load lighter. I have been so blessed through you. You are a magnificent father for Eric and Beth and show your love to them in your willingness to play with and teach them everyday. I hope that you will be held accountable in heaven for your actions to us, because if you are you will be blessed beyond measure.


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

Glad you had a great father's day! Eric looks so grown up while he contemplates! And feet are always so tasty for young tots! What would we do without fathers and great husbands. Thanks Ryan for taking good care of your family.

Judy said...

I hope that the ball isn't too hard. With the mighty swinging going on the t.v. could be in jeopardy. Do you remember when you were as flexible as Beth?