Friday, April 3, 2009

A Quick Smile

This is Beth's birthday dress after I put some cap sleeves on it. She absolutely LOVES to wear a "puffy dress"!Relaxing? Well, she looks happy.
Eric showing me his surprised face.
As a mother, I am both happy and sad at the moment. You see, Beth is not a good traveler. She screams in the car more often than not. Well, at the library yesterday, Eric found a CD that he wanted. Well, Beth just loves it and is so happy when we put it on she dances in her car seat and claps her hands. So what is the down side of this you may ask? Well, the CD is Woody's Roundup (from Toy Story) and is polka, accordion, yodeling music. The kids love it!


Mom Alleman said...

Beth looks as "pretty as a Princess" in her Easter dress :) We love Eric's "surpise face" as well as all of the other faces that he makes!! He's just a cute kid! I can't imagine listening to yodeling music for long periods of time--but I guess a mother does what she has to do to make her kids happy :) Thanks for the updated pictures, Cassie--Eric and Beth just brightened my morning.

Mike and Judy said...

I love part about the yodeling music! You will be the hit of every stoplight - accordian music thumping along!