Sunday, March 15, 2009

Treasure Chests and Easter Dress

We received some great packages from my mom and dad this last week and Eric was VERY excited to open them.
They were treasure chests for the kids that my dad made for them. Beautiful work, thank you Daddy.This is Beth enjoying her treasure chest. Is this indicative of how she views herself?
We told Eric that this is where you put things that are important to you. He immediately ran and gathered up his trains. Surprise, surprise.
Dad and Mom Alleman helped us buy Beth an Easter/birthday dress. Thank you so much guys! Behold the cuteness that is Beth. Love her and despair. (Ryan has to put in his 2 cents).
"Me, cute?"
"I'll pose for pictures, but no autographs!"


Mike and Judy said...

Those chests are absolutely beautiful. When does he have time to do anything like that? And yest Beth is a treasure, I'm sure the grandmas would agree. Such a pretty girl in a lovely dress!

The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

what a cute girl! i love the dress and the smiles to match! Of course Eric's treasured things would have to be trains, what else for a boy his age? You've got some Cute Kids!

trumpet girl said...

I thought that you would never buy a pink poofy dress?! I knew you would give in. The treasure chests are a wonderful idea. Your dad sure is creative and thoughtful.

Devid said...

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