Tuesday, March 10, 2009

12 Month Check Up

"So you really think I'm going to hold still for a shot? Yeah right!"
So the stats are in for Beth after 12 months. She is 29 1/2 inches long, that puts her in the 65%. And she weighs in at a whopping 18.2 pounds, which puts her in the 9%! Good work my little one! (No pun intended.)


trumpet girl said...

I cannot believe how tiny she is. At least she won't hurt your back! I am afraid the birthday present we sent will swallow her alive. Oh well, she will fit it someday... She is beautiful.

Mary said...

Why is it that the only day you call her the "little one" is when "no pun intended"? All the other days you call her bug or some other insect name.

elise said...

ha ha, my baby's bigger than your baby ;)

(and she's still needing to be carried around most of the time, my poor back--darn!)