Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just Some Pictures

Eric has been asking to wear his Thomas underpants for a few hours during the day. He is so proud of them and often asks me to take his picture.
What is this book?!
It is still too cold to go out in the stroller, but last week Mom insisted and we all just about froze.
"I've got the whole wide world, under my bum. I've got the whole wide world, under my bum."
Hanging out with the boys. Sometimes she doesn't care if she is on the outskirts, as long as she is involved.


elise said...

i love that last pic of beth with the boys! what a grin!

Mike and Judy said...

Save that first picture for his wedding video. He'll love it!

Mom Alleman said...

Cassie, you are so good about reading the expressions on Eric and Beth's face. Beth does look happy just to be with Daddy and Eric. We also love the "big boy pants" on Eric!

Mary said...

What a fun time. You guys always do such great things with the kids!