Friday, December 5, 2008

What the kids are up to.

This is some of what the kids have been up to.

Eric is still doing great, we have been enjoying using paper to make pictures. Of course he doesn’t want to make anything to do with Christmas or Thanksgiving, just Thomas. Big surprise. (We also have no idea how to get his hair to stay down in the back. Is this a "little-boy" thing?)
I forgot how nice it is when the baby can’t move and has to stay in one spot. Now if I turn my back for a minute she is somewhere I don’t want her to be. This incident also inspired a call to poison control just to make sure that the plant food I use would not be harmful. Thankfully it is not.


Mike and Judy said...

Thanks for coming for dinner. Your children are delightful and Max will sleep well tonight!

The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

i hopeshe doesn't get into too much for you guys! haha! im lucky jordon is still pretty immobile, even though he loves to stand really good in his exersaucer. he might go straight to walking! oh the thought! you guys look oh so happy!