Friday, November 28, 2008


This is the peanut bin at Ryan's work that Eric uses as his personal "ball-pit."

These kids are so cute in their diapers that I couldn't resist taking some pictures.
Hugs from Eric are one of Beth's favorite things.
So happy together.
See! Her hair is long enough for a pony tail! Too bad that it looks like an antenna.
My ball.
Beth can now get to most of the things that she wants.
Forget the trains, this one flies! (At least, the plane was able to divert Eric's attention momentarily from his ongoing and persistent obsession with trains).


Mike and Judy said...

cute children - when will we see them in person?

Mom Alleman said...

We absolutely LOVE these pictures--we can just see Eric playing in that bin at Ryan's work. The pictures of Eric and Beth together are just priceless--they are so cute (even without clothes on :) )
The "antenna" picture of Beth is sure a cute one!! Thank you for the pictures and for letting your beautiful and wonderful children brighten our day!!

Mom A.

Jackie Clines said...

These are really cute Cassie! Eric has such big blue eyes. And little Beth is just a doll. I liked the story about Eric feigning illness to get more Thomas tv. . . haha. Talton loves Thomas too!