Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ghoulish Glee on Halloween!

What a great Halloween! We had the best time. Sam and Mary drove down from Ruby Valley to spend the weekend with us, so we had a few extra arms to juggle the kids and take pictures on the special night.

The ghosts and goblins were out in force on Halloween. We got more tricker treaters Friday night than we have the entire time we've lived in the townhouse! We shoveled out candy until we were ready to hit the streets. Laura sent us this really cute pink leopard outfit for Beth, and we added whiskers just for fun.

Ryan's never been the pink kitty type for Halloween, but he had to admit Beth looked a lot cuter in this outfit than she did in Eric's old Darth Vader costume.
Eric had a ball. We used to go by family and show off his costume on Halloween, but this year he got to go trick or treating and took to it really fast! Except he'd say: "Tricker treat! In here!" and point inside his candy bucket, and he kept trying to barge inside people's houses instead of waiting on the doorstep.
The last few years, Eric either didn't react much to his costumes (Darth Vader and Incredi-Boy) or he outright didn't like'em (the tiger costume), but he was absolutely thrilled with his Thomas the Tank Engine outfit.

And here are our two jack-o-lanterns. We bought them the week before Halloween and almost didn't get them done in time. And carving pumpkins around a three-year-old can be very nerve-wracking! But we had such a wonderful time and hope you all did too!

And Ryan's Halloween reading went great! We had a real crowd there, and Ryan was able to read his short story within the allotted time frame. He must've practiced reading that story twenty times and had to trim so much out of it. He's glad to have it done, but it was an exciting experience.


trumpet girl said...

I cannot believe how cute your kids are! Thomas the Tank turned out great, I can hardly believe you made that yourself. Good Job. Kirsten says she loves Eric as Thomas the Tank!

Mom Alleman said...

Hi Cassie,

Thank you so much for the Halloween pictures!! I'm also very impressed with the thecostume you made for Eric--it looks very professional! Eric makes the perfect Thomas the Train. And Beth is just the cutest in her pink costume with her bright blue eyes. I just wish we could've been there--but the pictures do help.

We love you,
Mom Alleman

Reba said...

Cassie I love the train! What cute kids you have. I think Beth kind of looks like Aunt Margie when she was younger.