Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Antics

We wanted to get some pictures of the kids in their Sunday outfits. If you look really closely at this one, you can see Beth's two little teeth.
These two are so much fun to watch when they play together. Beth giggles at everything Eric does, and Eric is very gentle with her. The other day, he was riding up and down the tile on his trike, and Beth kept following and blocking his way in her walker. He'd tell her to get out of the way and she'd just laugh.
Eric, like every other big brother, is a big tease. He loves playing with Beth's ears.
But at least they love each other!
We hope you all are having a nice Sunday!

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samandmary said...

They are so very cute!! I finally signed in so I figured I'd better leave you a comment about your very cute kids. :) Tell them that their Aunt Mary loves them very very much and they can come visit and ride horses whenever they want. HA! Beat that other aunties!