Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mary Got Married

Yeah, I know that this is 2 months late but, my little sister got married! I am also happy to say that I really like my new brother-in-law, Sam Neff. The wedding was in Dallas and it was so hot, but that’s like saying I went swimming and got wet, the two just go hand in hand.

The two of them sure do look happy.
This could be a glimpse of the future but for now its Sam and Mary with all the current grandkids. Eric was so mad because he wanted to hold Mary’s hand and couldn’t. The colors Mary picked and all the work that my sister-in-laws Coren and Suzi put in made everything wonderful. The girls’ dresses and the flower arrangements were done by Suzi and the cakes by Coren. They also both acted as wedding consultants. Thanks so much for the gifts of your expertise!
This was the wedding favor table where you could fill up a bag of candy to take home with you. Sam and Mary had a Candy “Bar” that had enough candy to make you sick. This table was very popular with the kids.

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