Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family Update

I thought that an update on what each of us are doing right now might be nice. Ryan is making some great progress on his thesis. Now that things are better under control with my health and also that Beth and Eric are going to bed at a good hour he has more time in the evenings to write. A special thank you to all of you who are reading his stuff and giving feedback about it. That feedback is so important and helpful in the writing process. Ryan is taking more thesis hours this coming semester and getting his board put together. It has taken us four years to get to this point and I have loved the time. I have been blessed that Ryan has been home for dinner and to play with the kids every night. We don’t really want to stay in Utah but BYU has been really good to us.

As for me, I am wondering how on earth you get anything done (and have it stay done) with two kids. Talk about a humbling experience. When we were back in Texas for Mary’s wedding, my sister-in-law Coren reminded me of when, after nanny-ing for a year, I said something like: “I want 9 kids and I know I can do it because I was a nanny.” She asked me if I remembered that and the only response I had was, “I said that when I was young and stupid.” Now, I don’t know how many kids we will end up with but I am sure thankful that they come one at a time and only every few years (at least in our case). As frustrating as it is, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love my crazy life.

Eric is speaking better everyday. We are trying to work with him on his pronunciation. He is starting to repeat prayers back and also copying what we say. This is something bothersome for me because the other day I sat down at the table and stepped on some crumbs on the floor and said, “There is so much crap on this floor!” He then proceeded to say: “Crap on floor.” I never realized how that word sounded till he said it. So begins the years of the kid repeating everything you say. Sigh. He is still obsessed with trains and loves anything and everything to do with them. He also loves playing on the computer and is getting really good at using the mouse and starting the program he wants. Not bad for a kid who just turned three. Here he is playing his favorite game of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Toddler.

Beth is so determined and stubborn. It’s a good thing she is so sweet and happy. She does not like to lie down but prefers to stand or be held. This does pose a problem when I need to get anything done. So this inspired us to invest in a baby-walker. She loves it! It will keep her busy for an hour or so between every nap. She is also making raspberries now and growls like no other baby I’ve ever seen. Yes, she growls, like a bear or something. I will try to get it on video and post it here later. Ryan’s started calling her our “attack baby.”


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

oh my goodness, what a crazy life you must have. Jordon has become a little like Beth where he's kindof content with lying for a little while but wants attention. I try to sit him in my lap but he wants to stand. I understand ya! Well you guys hang in there with your 2 busy kids.

Marcy said...

How fun to hear about your kids growing up! Yes, more is harder, until you get to the stage of kids who are actually helpful! :)