Saturday, June 24, 2017

2016: The Year That Flew By - April

April was a special month. Beth was baptized, we started cleaning and moving into the new hours, and the older two kids participated in the ward talent show.

Beth's Baptism

We were so grateful to all our family and friends who traveled so far to be with us on this special day. Beth practically glowed all day. Here are some highlights:

The proud parents with the baptism girl.

The whole gang after the baptism.

Ward Talent Show

Our ward holds a yearly talent show and silent auction fundraiser to help raise money for the girls and Scout camps. Eric and Beth both wanted to participate the year before, but we didn't have time to put anything together then. So we promised them this year, we'd make sure they were prepared. Here's what we had:

Eric told jokes. He collected his favorites, practiced his timing, and did his best not to laugh.

Beth lip-synched to Adele's Skyfall, with a little tweak at the end.

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