Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Alleman Christmas Cookie Video

You know the drill: Haven't posted in a while. Yadda yadda. Promise to do better. You've heard it all before.

But we're really excited to share the Alleman Christmas 2015 Cookie Video!

If you know us, you know it's not Christmas at the Allemans until we've made the official Alleman Christmas Cookies. It's a secret recipe Cassie and I have perfected over the years. It's become more than just a tradition. The kids get a real kick out of cutting out shapes, covering everything in flour, smearing on the frosting, and devouring every sugar-loaded crumb.

Hope you enjoy the video, and that you all had a very merry Christmas season!


Mom Alleman said...

That was great! I loved all the pictures of the kids and the delicious looking cookies that you made! What a fun tradition for your family! The Muppet song in the background was perfect and really helped us to feel like we were in the kitchen baking with you! Love you guys so much!!

Mary said...

Love it! Makes me want some cookies!