Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Tricker-Treat Baby is Here!

Ryan here--and so is Baby Robert Stuart!

Just prior to his arrival, I snapped a rare photo of Cassie in her last stages of pregnancy. Also pictured is Beth, posing oh-so-preciously with a baby doll stuffed up her shirt.

Good morning, angels!

Here's the proud papa with a five-minute-old Baby Robbie.

We were very blessed to have Cassie's folks, as well as Mary and Sam, here to help us witht the delivery and as we transitioned from two kids to two kids and a barbarian. To you gladiator-souls who sacrificed so much to be here for us--we salute you!

Here's Grandma Clines (Lela) with the barbarian.

And as for Beth: Beth kisses the baby. Beth sings to the baby. She hugs, pats, pokes, and generally smothers him. We've started calling her the mini-mommy.

And Eric's an old hand at this by now. He's so gentle with the baby and reads to him on occasion. Although he asked me once: "What happens if he doesn't like trains?"

Here's a nice side profile of Robert at a few days old.

Mary made the blessing outfit, and it turned out great. The tie is made from the same material from the quilt Grandma Alleman made for him.

Tell me he doesn't look dapper!

Here's a shot with Cassie before the blessing.

And one with yours truly.

And here is our up-to-date family photo, taken by Mary post-blessing.
While Cassie and I ran back and forth to the hospital, Grandpa Clines (Papa) heroically kept the kids occupied by carving pumpkins with them.

Here they are by the light of day . . .

But by night . . .

Here they are pictured with our two little goblins.

It's been a roller coaster ride of emotions and changes for us, but we are so grateful for the ride! Happy Halloween, everyone!


ellen said...

I love all the pictures!! Those kids of yours are too cute! And you're not bad either :o) Love ya!

Margie B said...

Happy Halloween! What darling kids. What a handsome barbarian . . . I mean baby! ;-) Love you guys.

Mary said...

So cute! You guys are such great examples to us of how this whole parenting thing is supposed to work. Thank you. We love you!

Micah and Emily said...

Congrats! How wonderful and Cassie, you look great!


Shelly said...

Wow your kids are growing up fast! Congrats on the new baby!