Saturday, September 3, 2011

"You had a Birthday! Shout Hurray!"

Sorry this is so late. We've had family in town for the past three weeks and thoroughly enjoyed having them. We'll feature highlights from the visits in the next few posts. But today we're focusing on our Eric!

Eric started out his birthday with a combination of family traditions. For the birthday breakfast, the Allemans usually put a candle in a waffle. My dad likes Captain Crunch for his birthday breakfast. Put them together and . . .

Here's the Birthday Boy. Crunch Berries rule!

Ryan took off half the day so we could all go bowling up on campus. I won't share our pitiful scores with you. But the kids had a blast.

Eric showing off his "slipping shoes."

The kid's lounging on Ryan after a long-fought game (which I WON!)

Eric's Birthday cake. Guess who was headlining. (The writing on the cake was supposed to be red, not pink. I do the best I can.)

Eric's not a cake-and-ice-cream kid. Here's what was left of his plate. I don't take it personally (at least not this year).

Here are the cupcakes from his friend party. If you notice, there are mini-trains made from marshmallows and chocolate chips on EACH AND EVERY train. The things we do to make birthdays special for our kids.

Here are Eric's friends eating said cupcakes with helpings of ice cream.

Cue the Birthday song! We love you, Eric!


homa said...

With all the family in and out you'd think we could time it right to celebrate the boy's birthday! Sorry we missed it, but it sure looks like a fun day! You are such a good cake person! Maybe some of that will rub off on me as Maggie gets older. We love you guys!

Margie B said...

Happy Birthday Eric! Wow, I'm impressed with your cake/cupcake making skills. I made a birthday cake once . . . That was the last one. :-)