Saturday, July 23, 2011

Star Valley Trip

We're trying to catch up on posts, and I feel like we might actually succeed! Like the kids said, we made it up to Star Valley last month. We initially planned on going Memorial Day weekend, but we all got sick, so we delayed the trip till June.

Here's Eric, Beth and me on the porch swing out at Great Grandma's. It was beautiful up in the valley and made us all want to go up more often.

We were able to visit both my Grandfathers' graves. Here is Grandpa Clines.
And here is Grandpa Fluckiger.
Eric liked all the flowers in the graveyards.
We had a great afternoon playing over at my Aunt Margie's house. During the visit a little girl came down and held my hand. It took me a minute to realize it was a bewigged Beth!

Everything was so green up there. Here is a view from Grandma's field. The kids loved playing outside and feeding my Uncle Val's horse. (Well, Eric loved it. Beth tried it once and the hid from the horse the rest of the time.)
Eric and Beth both loved playing outside. We went down to the lower field to see the calves and their mothers. Kudos to Uncle Sam for cleaning up Eric's sandal after Eric discovered a fresh cow-pie.
The kids also loved getting to know their Great Grandma Clines.

Eric also thought that her old washing machine was fun. "Can we make ours shake like that?"

Thanks for letting us visit, Grandma. We love and miss you!


Mary said...

That video of Eric and the washing machine is hilarious! Thanks for the fun reminders of the visit.

The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

great pictures/video. i liked the Bethwigg! and it's funny about the washer machine, my mom's does that too except it's really loud and you have to sit on it in order for it to not go crazy. thanks for the updates hope everyone is doing well!