Sunday, April 24, 2011

Welcome to the World, Maggie!

After a mad midnight dash from Nevada, Mary gave birth to an adorable baby girl. Maggie is here! Ta-da! She was very kind to her mother by having a small head.
Beth was overjoyed. She insisted she was a "big girl" and should get to hold the baby. I don't think she could smile any bigger.
Of course, Ryan's smile was pretty big too.
Eric was VERY careful.
"Mommy, can we keep her?" or "When is OUR baby coming out?" were common questions this week.
We loved having the new Mommy and Daddy and baby stay with us, along with my Mom and Dad. You guys are welcome anytime!


Margie B said...

Oh WOW! What precious pictures. Welcome Maggie!!!!! I'm so glad that she's here and that all is well. Thank you for posting pictures. I was anxious to see them. Bet it makes you excited for your little one! Love you!

Mike and Judy said...

Wish we could have seen your parents while they were here. She's a beautiful baby.

Mom Alleman said...

It was neat to see Beth and Eric holding baby Maggie and to see the BIG smile on Beth's face!! We are so thankful that everything worked out so well for Mary and Sam! We love you so much!