Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So I'm going to post the graduation pictures... better late than never, right? Ryan worked so hard to get to this point and we could not have made it without so much support and help from our family. Thank you so very much!

Here is the first picture after crossing the stage.Ryan graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts, creative writing. YOU GO, SWEETHEART!! The kids were thrilled with the whole thing. Here is a pic of them with Ryan.
Eric and Beth fought over wearing Daddy's "silly hat."
Here's one with Dad and Mom Alleman and beautiful Megan.
Our family.
There was a point where Eric was just done with the whole thing.
We are so grateful that we have a husband and daddy who works his rear end off to provide and take care of us. Congratulations, Daddy! WE LOVE YOU!


Spec said...

What a great day! I wept for joy at my graduation--no joke. So proud of all of you for this huge accomplishment. Can I read Ryan's thesis?

Katrina said...

congrats ryan! and to you cassie! i know how much it takes out of a family to get daddy through grad school. its even harder with kid(s)!