Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Because we did not have church on Easter morning we dressed up the week before. Eric liked looking handsome and Beth was all smiles and kept saying how pretty she was.
I asked Eric to give me his GQ pose.
Ryan asked Beth to look cute and this is what she did.
Then a week later on Easter, between Conference sessions, we had a small egg hunt at home. Beth loved the candy in the eggs but Eric tried some and then asked for raisins to be put in his. Eric and Beth also got their own picture Book of Mormon. Since then, Eric has LOVED reading the stories of the scriptures. His favorite right now is when Nephi builds the ship.
Both kids were thrilled with the chocolate bunnies. Eric took one bite and spent the rest of the time trying to put it back together.

Beth waisted no time with her bunny and somehow managed to eat the middle of the stomach first.
This is a random picture that has nothing to do with Easter but I really like it so I thought I would share. Zach and Alison came over last week and Eric and Zach were dressed alike. Very fun.
Beth showing off her Easter Dress.

Eric's turn.


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

Too cute, they sure look great in their outfits. Love it that Eric had to put the bunny back together!

Jackie Clines said...

The kids look soooo cute in their Easter attire. Love little Beth's dress! Tell me about this picture Book of Mormon, it sounds great! I'm interested in getting one for Talton.

Margie B said...

Soooo cute! You have darling children!

Ellen & Jason said...

So adorable!! I think you've got some future movie stars...they both love the camera :o)

Mom Alleman said...

We really enjoyed these pictures of Beth and Eric dressed up for Easter--they truly look like they could be featured in a fashion magazine :) We love you guys!