Monday, February 8, 2010

Poor Sad Couches and Giggles

I'm sorry to announce the passing of our new couches from our lives and living room. It was a quick moment of bliss, but we're resigned to our loss, and with some counseling and help from friends and family we hope to recover.

(Explanation: We were called last week and informed that the couch we had on order was no longer being made. To make up for the mistake of selling us something that was not possible to get, they let us take the loveseat back. Sad but true.)

On the bright side, Eric and Beth found this video on YouTube to be very funny. The giggles are enough to brighten any day.

Here's what he was laughing at:


Lela Mom said...

Ohh, that just brightened my day! Thank you Eric!

Spec said...

Bummer about the couches...but no biggie, right?

I think children's giggles are worth a million bucks.

Margie B said...

I'm not sure the couches were sad (I think my couches would be relieved to be away from my motley crew!) :-) It's sure a bummer for you though. Are you going to replace with different ones? Eric's giggle was contagious. It made me laugh! What a cutie!

Stephanie said...

Well, the couch money will now go towards therapy!

Your kids are just too cute!

Mom Alleman said...

We went to the web site that Eric and Beth were laughing at--it made it funnier to think of Eric's cute laugh while watching the baby Panda sneeze and scare his Mom. We sure love our Beth and Eric!

Kacey Andersen said...

I seriously have watched the clip of Eric laughing at least twenty times now! It is so FUNNY!!! Y'all sure have been blessed with two precious kids!! We love y'all!